Kulan Forr

World weary physician with secret knowledge of the Force


Despite his weathered appearance and obvious years, Kulan carries himself with an aire of former nobility and poise. Often seen with his battered medical pack and a strange wooden sword, he gives off an aura of coiled patience, offering glimpses of the supreme awareness that hardened soldiers are known for.


   Kulan Forr was born to the noble house of Forr on his homeworld of Dorrin. Exhibiting a strong connection with the force, he, like many other Kel Dor children, was sent to the Jedi Academy to train. Despite the strength of Kulan’s relationship to the Force, he had little affinity for manipulating it. What he lacked in aptitude in Force abilities, he made up for with skill in Lightsaber combat. Kulan was trained in all Lightsaber forms, but soon mastered the utilitarian nature of form VI, Niman. Kulan found its economy of movement a perfect fit for his pragmatic approach to combat. To temper his prodigious Lightsaber skill, Kulan trained in the healing arts, becoming a highly regarded combat medic.


     Forr served the order for decades, eventually leaving the Jedi at the onset of the Clone Wars, refusing to partake in open war. Kulan had spent many years fighting througout the Galaxy, defeating several threats in the name of the Jedi. Time and bloodshed wearied the Kel Dor, who gradually became frustrated with his role within the order. He withdrew from the Galactic Interior, favoring the anonymity of the Outer Rim.


     Kulan Forr was one of the fortunate Jedi to escape the Great Purge, hearing of Vader’s campaign against the remaining Jedi from various secondhand rumors and Imperial propaganda. He was able to avoid much of the purge by working as a medical officer on various large trading freighters. His skills have waned in his exile, old age taking its toll on the former blademaster. Kulan dissassembled his sabers during the purge, setting aside his former life as a Jedi, to seek a peaceful new one. Past sins have a way of returning however and Kulan once again finds himself drawn into conflict as the Galactic Civil War intensifies. While Forr attempts to guard the secret of his past, he finds himself drawn to the young force sensitive Jassic, hoping to guide him in the ways of the force.

Kulan Forr

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