Edge of the Empire

Escape to the Wheel

The characters find themselves on a transport to the spice mines of Kessel. They have each been convicted of a crime by the Empire. One of there fellow prisoners had his crew come and brake him out. The PC managed to escape with him on his ship The Reaver. The PC then quickly took over the ship by dispatching its crew of slavers. yt1930.jpg
The Reaver was set on Autopilot to a space station called the Wheel. Once on the wheel they learned of a opportunity to make some credits and possible get rid of some obligation for Taag’r Krix. All they have to do is hunt down a “treasure ship” from the Clone Wars.
They find that a hyperspace pod has given clues to the ships last location on Cholganna. They also find out that the ship was ran by Captian Harsol. Perhaps they can find more information on the wheel before they leave.


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